Strategic Partnership Institute
Be Aware, Be Secure

Strategic Partnership Institute is a non-governmental organisation which believes that the key to stability, welfare, democracy, and tolerance is the successful integration of social and ethnic groups into society. Our mission is to increase the social integration of people of different races, cultures, sexual orientations and religions, while raising the level of knowledge and awareness of the youth in the process.

Strategic Partnership Insitute has successfully united experienced professionals working in the sphere of euro-integration and volunteers from Warsaw.

Socially Active

We aim to prepare the Polish youth to succeed in the modern professional world, as well as become involved in volunteering initiatives.

Key topics

Ensuring the social integration of disadvantaged groups, tackling discrimination, and aiding peace-building and conflict resolution processes in Eastern Partnership countries.

Non-formal Education

We conduct research on various social topics and share this knowledge in an interactive and engaging way with society.

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